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Eco mulching of unwanted vegetation
Firebreaks and fuel management
Rehabilitation and re-purposing land
Vegetation management
Bushfire support
Clearing of invasive species





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Welcome to Edge Landworks. As an owner operated business South of Perth, we understand the unique land clearing challenges faced by West Australian property owners. With cutting edge technology we can clear your land faster and better than many other providers. It means a better result for you at an affordable price.

Whatever your land clearing needs: whether you have unwanted vegetation, need firebreaks or fuel management, we can help. We are more than happy to provide you with a free quote. We service areas surrounding Perth, Mandurah and the South West region of WA including Harvey, Bunbury, Busselton, Margaret River.

6 Reasons Land Clearing is Important

1. Reduced Pest Population

An area that is dense with foliage attracts a lot of pests as they can easily find food for sustenance. These should first be removed before you build a house or else they will quickly make their way inside and become a health hazard to the occupants.


2. Decreased Risk of Fire

Dried leaves from surrounding vegetation can become kindling in a fire outbreak. It is important that vegetation is managed when in close proximity to structures and dwellings.

Fire Break Machinery

3. Council Regulation Compliance
There are West Australian council regulations in place to ensure properties are protected in the event of a fire. These are nesessary given the hot dry West Australian summers. We can ensure your property is compliant with local council regulations when it comes to vegetation management.
4. Improved Soil Condition
The Edge Landwords process of clearing land is referred to as eco mulching. This leaves the top soil with a layer of mulch which keeps the soil rich in nutrients. It also prevents the soil drying out and becoming dusty.
5. Enhanced Visual Appeal
Strategic clearing of vegetation can help make it easier to maintain a visually appealing landscape. Mulched soil around trees makes for easy access as well as a tidy and visually appealing landscape.
6. Weed Suppression
Our process of eco mulching involves grounding down all vegetation with the exception of invasive and noxious species. The result is the suppression of weeds in and around your property.
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If you have any questions about land clearing on your Perth property or our eco friendly land clearing process, contact us today. We are more than happy to help.


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