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Understanding fire breaks

There are many different types of fire breaks. Each of these has important components that are important to meet. However, you’re probably wondering what does a fire break do?

Understanding Fire Breaks

They offer a mineral earth break that keeps unplanned fires from entering your property. Often referred to as a strategic external threat protection break, you must place them by the property’s boundary with enough width to decrease radiant heat. This…

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Fire Breaks in the Perth Hills

The Perth Hills Location

Typically, ‘Perth Hills’ is a phrase that is used for advertising purposes, to refer to the area of Darling Scarp that is situated in the Mundaring Shire and Kalamunda City. This territory is governed by the East Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC).

The phrase is normally used in tourist guides, and in pamphlets produced by the government’s Environment Department. This department is based in Mundaring Weir, at…

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Tips to Prepare this Bushfire Season

Many homeowners assume that their home is immune to a fire. They have the mindset that a house fire is something that could never happen to them. This is not always the case. Many of the new estates in Perth are built on the outskirts, which also happens to be in close proximity to the natural bushland and open spaces. This makes the homes in their area vulnerable to…

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Edge Landworks Equipment

If you are planning a new construction project, the site often needs to be prepared first. Depending on the size of the project, this can be a huge job which would require heavy machinery and a team of qualified workers.

Regardless of the land clearing project that you are taking on, you need to consider the correct methods required to have the land cleared. Throughout history, there have been

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