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West Australian property owners are required by council regulations to have adequate fire breaks in place to help reduce the destruction caused by bush fires. Edge Landworks fire break services can help ensure your property is compliant with local regulations and safer in the event of a fire emergency.

Edge Landworks Fire Break Machinery

Our cutting edge equipment is able to clear and prepare fire breaks in an efficient, eco friendly way. This makes our WA fire break service more affordale and more effective for you. If you have any questions regarding fire breaks in WA, contact us today - we are happy to assist and provide you with a free quote for your property.

What Exactly is a Fire Break?

A fire break is a modification to existing land use patterns or structures that helps to stop the spread of runaway fires. Essentially it is a breach, gap or pause in the natural vegetation that 'breaks' the progression of a bush fire.

Though simple and unassuming in their outward appearance, fire breaks are important. Anyone who has experienced the destructive effects of a bush fire can testify that the value of such landscape alterations can never be underestimated.

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Types of Fire Breaks

In line with environmental management and conservation laws, various techniques are prescribed for different climatic regions. With a clear distinction being drawn between man made and natural ones, there are generally five main types:


Following the natural contours of the land to minimise erosion, these are dug using disk plows and constructed parallel to the forest boundary. Suitable for creeping fires but somewhat ineffective when it comes to crown fires.

Dirt Roads

Ordinary dirt roads of about 10 feet in width. Very effective if properly maintained by removing dead branches and tree debris. Another way is to mow and level the road prior to the fire season.

Vegetated fire breaks

Peculiar but unique in the way they prevent wildfires. Mostly in the form of heavily seeded trips of legume plants and cool season grass, these firebreaks are mostly effective when you clear the break of scrubby growth and dead trees. Maintenance ordinarily also involves ensuring vigorous plant growth, which is achieved by the application of fertilizers.

Rivers, wetlands, lakes and dams

Hardly do people create these for the sole purpose of preventing fires, which is why they're deemed man-made. However, they make excellent fire breaks.

Placement of Fire Breaks

As mentioned earlier, a fire break should be placed parallel to the forested area. When it comes to mountainous and hilly terrain, it's recommended that you plow or disk across the slope to avoid precipitating erosion.

Legal Considerations of Fire Breaks

The law requires that you implement measures as may be reasonably necessary in the circumstances to prevent the spread of wildfires from your property. Damage that stems from a conscious failure to erect and maintain a firebreak can lead to a costly civil lawsuit. Edge Landworks are here to help ensure your property is both safe and compliant. Contact us today for a free quote on fire breaks for your WA property.

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