If you are planning a new construction project, the site often needs to be prepared first. Depending on the size of the project, this can be a huge job which would require heavy machinery and a team of qualified workers.

Regardless of the land clearing project that you are taking on, you need to consider the correct methods required to have the land cleared. Throughout history, there have been land clearing laws in place and they are strictly enforced. The reason that these laws are in place is to prevent serious side effects to the condition of the land such as soil erosion, dryland salinity, climate change, and biodiversity. Before you begin your land clearing project, you should know all of the laws based on the type of vegetation that you are planning to clear.

What You Should Know About Land Clearing

Based on all of the regulations that are put on vegetation removal, the term “land clearing” is defined as the responsible removal of bushes, stumps, trees, and rocks in order to accommodate developments or improve farming operations.

In Western Australia, land clearing means more than the removal vegetation and trees in an area to make it possible to be used for other purposes such as building development or agriculture. Removing the trees and vegetation in this area could mean that you are unknowingly removing fauna from the native environment.

Land Clearing In Perth

Mechanical Machine Clearing is a popular method of land clearing in Perth for large areas.

What Is the Process of Land Clearing In Western Australia?

There are a variety of ways that land is cleared and each one depends on the amount of debris that needs to be cleared from the land. There is also a particular way that the vegetation needs to be managed. In some cases, you would stack it up and in others, it would be burned off. There are certain types of vegetation that need to be mulched or spread out. In Perth, there are three ways that land is cleared.

#1 Manual Clearing

This method of clearing is also known as slashing or clearing. To do a manual clearing, you would need hand tools such as slashers, exes, machetes, and slasher hoes. This is the safest and least expensive method of clearing land, however, it only works in smaller areas because there is a great deal of labour involved. If you are clearing a large piece of land, manual cleaning would be more time-consuming and more expensive.

#2 Mechanical Machine Clearing

This is a popular method of land clearing in Perth for large areas. During this process, land clearing equipment is used. It makes it possible to clear the ground quickly. If this service is necessary, you would need to hire a professional such as Edge Landworks. They will have the necessary equipment to move heavy rocks, push over trees and stumps, and to rip out the root balls and grind the stumps into the ground. These are all things that cannot be done by hand.

#3 Chemical Spray Clearing

This method of land clearing is often used for soil preparation and planting. It is typically used to clear out small plants and weeds before a burn-off. In some cases, dangerous chemicals are necessary through an aerial spray or a chemical spray in order to eliminate the ground cover so that the soil can be prepared and made suitable for planting crops.

Land Clearing In Perth

Clearing, preparing, grading, and excavating land is a very difficult and complex process. This is why it is best to leave it to a professional.

Why Should You Hire Perth Land Clearing Contractors?

• Clearing, preparing, grading, and excavating land is a very difficult and complex process. This is why it is best to leave it to a professional. There are some jobs that you can do on your own, however, due to the high cost and the expertise necessary to use heavy machinery, hiring a professional is the better option.

• Land clearing service providers have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Also, they are familiar with the local shire and city codes in place regarding land clearing. When you hire a professional, you can be sure that the work will be done safely and efficiently. Also, you will have peace of mind knowing that the team will be licensed and insured for not only public liability but also worker’s compensation. This is extremely important if someone is injured on the job.

Written by Edge Landworks