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With ourcutting edge machinery, land clearing is now more eco friendly and smarter. We transform natural vegetation into a layer of eco mulch, conditioning the soil and minimising dust. We also ensure we do not mulch invasive or noxious species, reducing the spread of unwanted species on your property.

Land Clearing Equipment

While traditional land clearing involved stripping off top soil, leaving dry, dusty sand, Edge Landworks grounds down the natural vegetation. This forms a layer of eco mulch which has a number of benefits:

Visually Aesthetic

A well-mulched property gives a neat and tidy appearance. It makes for easy access throughout the property and allows for longer line of site through an area.

Mulch stops erosion

One of the biggest benefits of mulch is that it protects the top fertile layer of the soil from erosion. In the summer months the top soil can dry out, creating a dusty sandy area. Mulch helps to hold in the layers of soil promoting a better soil structure that is less prone to erosion.

eco mulching under trees in WA property

Enriches the soil

In the case of organic mulch, their breakdown, aided by all those worms and parasites, ensures that the soil is being constantly fed with essential nutrients.

Keeps weeds at bay

The presence of mulch also helps prevent the growth of weeds. This is because once weeds are buried beneath the layer of mulch, they are less likely to germinate.

Mulch slows down evaporation

Mulching also helps retain moisture. So, even if the sun is blazing down in all its fury, more moisture can be retained within the soil.

Free Quote on Eco Mulching for Your WA Property

If you have any questions about eco mulching for your Perth property, contact us today. Our eco friendly land clearing equipment is ideal for fire breaks, vegetation control and forestry mowing. We service the surrounding areas of Perth, Mandurah and the South West region to Margaret River. Contact us today.
land being cleared